Eazy Crypt

Eazy Crypt is a free web application for encypting and sending messages or documents to anyone in the world using 256bit AES encryption.

Start Encrypting

Solid Cryptology

256bit AES Encryption is considered one of the most secure ways to encrypt content! Utilizing current technology it would take longer than the estimated age of the universe for a computer to crack this type of encryption using brute force methods.

Easy to Use!

Our site provides a very simple easy to understand interface for encrypting messages and files. You don't even need to login to send messages and files. Store files securely and retrieve them from anywhere! Once you register you will be able to create and manage your 256Bit AES Keys, create shared keys between yourself and other users, store encrypted files and download them later!

Free for personal use!

This site is provided free of charge for personal users. We want everyone to be able to easily secure their content! Encrypt your emails, private messages, and personal files all free of charge!

Send Secure Messages and Files

Pick an option from the Encrypt and Email menu now to send your content securely and anonymously. If you use the site often go ahead and create an account to see our simple encryption and file management interface.

Bring Your Own Device

Use any device to access this site. We make our pages adapt to your device! When using a mobile device we minimize the interface to utilize your screen space in the best way possible. Login from your desktop at work, your laptop at home, and your phone while you are out! Your EasyCrypt account is a bookmark away!

Cloud Storage

Store your encrypted content in the cloud! Access it from any device with a browser! We store your content after it is encrypted so we don't have access to it! Want to keep a file handy and secure for later? Just create an account and upload your first file to see it in action!